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September 2014 Highlights, New Routes & Updates

[gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="1225"] HIGHLIGHTS: September saw slightly better temps and another visit from strongman Jason Kehl. Jon and I took Jason to one of our favorite spots, Sugar Pine 6. After sending some standard classics like "Shedding the Light" v5 Jason made quick work of "Yodenhiem" v9. Then we took him to a few lines we just put up and he did the 2nd ascent on Jon's rad
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August 2014 Highlights, New Routes & Updates

HIGHLIGHTS: August was hot as usuall and not to many people came to visit. Kevin Jones, Dave Schwisow and I went to the Sierra Buttes Lookout and mapped it out. This place has epic views and the climbing is rad. The boulders all sit in a very tight cluster with mainly flat landings. Considering the easy approach and mostly moderate grades I see this zone becoming popular. Kevin
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