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June 2015 Bouldering Update

Highlights: Hot and buggy these days. The weather is not the highlight, unless your sitting on the beach. Jesse Bonin took down another hard one this month by sending the 2nd ascent of "Dead Ant" at Tahoe Mountain. He thinks it's around v11/12. The problem is fairly obscure and short, but hard for sure. Lamberto Franco and Noah Napier sent "Eminently Climbable" at PCT boulders, making for the 5th and
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May 2015 Bouldering Highlights

HIGHLIGHTS: "Bouldering Lake Tahoe-Outlying Areas Edition" is here and copies will be making thier way to a shop near you very soon. Seth Carter sent the long standing project "The Anti Queen." The climb starts on head high patina edges and climbs into a dihedral to finish. The climb denied all takers up to this point and this is a very proud send by Seth. He seems to be
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